Workshop:an introduction to design thinking (in one hour)

on Wednesday 8th there was a workshop on design thinking, i unfortunately was able to take part, however Emma explained what she did during the work shop and gave me her notes

Her Notes, first interview: to friend book surprise loved it read the book, gave out of niceness, it was nice

Lend – help each other out brotherly kinship, owe you, now repay back                                 with something else

Remind you of that, assume- because you know the person- primary                                 school (best friend)

Scratch your back, you scratch mine

Second interview

Materiality – material form to remind them of you, when they aren’t                                 memory

Embodies the person

Appreciates time taken

Wasn’t expecting it – ritualistic sharing/gift giving

Zbrush/alec reminding, mental connection

Capture findings: Goals and wishes: what is your partner trying to achieve through                 gift-giving

Make someone else happy / friendly

To use the gift / learn something / usability / purpose

Element of surprise/unexpected

Emotional component

Deserve it / want to give something back

Insights: learn partners feeling motivations. What’s something you see about your                 partner’s experience that maybe they don’t see?


Sketch at least 5 radical ways to meet your user’s needs

Pete needs way to understand his friends compassion, towards him,                                 because he can understand his friends thoughts / wants / needs

Ask him how he feels/ what he likes/ what are his emotions

Know what attracts their attention

Know what’s needed/ utility wise

Transport them to a range of different gifts/ things they might like (show                                 what’s out there)

Scare them/ get a reaction/ video it, play it back + review their body                                 language.

Share your solutions & capture feedback



Meet them halfway – broke down their needs

Needed it? Wanted it? Benefit from it?

Similarity with the person

See yourself in them = empathy

Reflecting and generate a new solution

Build your solution

Make something your partner can interact with

Share your solution and get feedback

What worked

What could be improved




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