First day – Approached by Emma

So today was the first day of my final year, final semester repeat and I’m feeling pretty… well, im not sure how I should feel, I’m very happy to have been able to get a second chance, and im excited to be working on a new project, however I’m also very nervous and anxious, of course this is once again meant to be my final year and the final major project, I’ve already failed once, and now, this time around I’m in a completely new year group, so I don’t know anyone very well or what it’s like to work with them. My hope is that I will be able integrate into this year group with little effort as they have been taught the same processes as me and the improvements to the course will mean that the whole class is better taught, however this may also mean that I’m not as skilled as my fellow classmates, it’s unlikely anyone from the year will choose me immediately to be in there team, if I’m lucky Conann will place me in a group that is undermanned , I may have to show case some of my work in order to be accepted into a group

In class – approached by emma

Coaching aid app/video?

An App aimed to aid coaches and takes the viewer through a complex journey, or at least that’s how Emma explains it, it’s to be more of an educational video with some interactivity, the aim for this project would be create a refined reference that coaches would be able to show their clients and students, in order to teach them the quantum mechanics of proper running technique, as well as inspiring anyone who watches to become more active.

The video will show multiple animations mimicking an exercise and the technique used by professional athletes. It will attempt to show this by showing the muscle information and the motion paths of specific points of interest in a 60 frames per second animation that will allow 360° Degrees of ration in any direction

Why Build This Product?

Visualisation is important for educating and coaching sport. Most coaches a lot of the time cannot perform full movements due to age or injury; they need something accessible to aid in the explanation of motor skills. There are other resources such as live action video for example can be used for analysis of perfect technique, however this doesn’t read well and is not as appealing- animation is a better alternative and be made appealing especially for kids

App for everything: but nothing accessible yet for coaching, this creates a gap in the market, but through animated, 360 movements, it could show novices what they need to know for sport technique, and by showing it with extreme accuracy and detail it could prevent the teaching of bad habits

It also could help to break down barriers in communication and could help encourage others to get excited about sport

Things to Look In To

Motion Graphics



How to build a sense of trust through narrative

Pop-up storybook

Interactive story telling

How to make a character driven story

Emotional component

Think about appeal

Make the experience real for the viewer

Information processing


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