First day of Greg’s Project

20% end of year show

Presentation of end of year show

How does a gallery display work?

40% industry facing = showreel industry facing portfolio, CV, website

40% end of year events

Figure out what these are – what are the best ways to get us out into the world – good ways to social network?

Create a persona (acting character) to make yourself seem a better fit for the job you are applying for

How are games financed? – what is a game? – how is it going to benefit you /your company/ investor? – how is it going to make money? – what is the plan? – How are you going to make this game? – What are the skills needed?

How do you pitch an idea for a T.V. show?

Rekindle old contacts?

Learn from the past

Look at the art of interview

what is the best way to present ourselves to a company?

Who should you target for presenting yourself?

Different people with different skills for different jobs and different companies

Themed work to stand out.

Leverage what other people are doing

Speaking classes – interview techniques

Quality invites to the end of year show – (e.g. swagbag)

Figure out who is on the panel – can you talk to them before sending in your work

Business cards – make a goal to give out a certain number of cards at whatever social networking event you attend, the size of the event should influence the number of cards you try to give out, for example maybe 15-20 cards for a large event.

Events (e.g. dingle) – who’s going and how to target them (e.g. Jason Ryan – skype sessions with industry people)

Internship – how do they work? How do I get a get a job at ________?

QR code shirts?

Exposure and personal brand – YouTube channels

How do you market yourself to companies over sea’s? – Maybe the company you want to apply to

The film “Arrival” – check out the concept art and the artist that made that art! – Where does he go? Does he have an agent? – What was his path way to where he is now?


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